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  • A Bolt of Encouragement

    "Contentment celebrates grace. The contented heart is satisfied with the Giver and is therefore freed from craving the next gift." Paul Tripp Psalm 73:25-26

  • Order Your Singing Valentine

    Delight your spouse, child, pastor, neighbor, coworkers, or friends with a singing valentine from Hopesong! Sign up today to secure your spot!

  • Work-a-Thon Holiday

    Because of the TREMENDOUS results of Work-a-Thon this year, we will NOT HAVE school on December 23rd-- early Christmas break!! We will also get an extra day off for our Work-a-Thon holiday on February 10th! Way to go students!!!

  • Milk and Juice Payments Due

    If you haven’t paid for Elementary milk/juice for 2nd semester please make payment in the school office by Friday, January 6th. Thanks!