Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’ve picked out the play,

Are you ready, too? 

It’s time to get going. 

We cannot delay.

Come out to the tryouts

On next Tuesday.

You’ve asked and you’ve pleaded,

“Oh, please tell us the name.”

But I would not, I would not

Because that would be lame.

For the play this year

May be one that you know

Unless your big head

Has been buried in snow.

We need blondes and more blondes,

A princess and some Chinese,

An inventor, a professor,

And someone with short knees.

Did I say “short knees?”

No, what I meant to say

Was a guy who is short

All the live-long day.

Throw in some college students,

Some lockers, a trash can,

And a rain-coated main character

Who has a face that is dead pan.

Oh, we need make-up and lighting

And sound crew, you see,

With a stage crew that can twirl a flat

As fast as can be. 

So, grab the tryout scripts

Or sign up for a crew.

You won’t want to miss the fun,

Or you’ll cry “Boo-hoo!”

Tryouts next Tuesday

After exams you will see.

We’ll try to be fast

So on your way you can be.

“Wait, would you believe

That seven Coast Guard cutters are on their way

To converge on this building

And blow you away?”

“Ah, I find dat ha’d to believe.”

“Would you believe six?” (shake head no)

“How about three bullies

With really big sticks?”

Throw in some trench coats,

An inthermo machine,

The good guys CONTROL

And KAOS so mean.

Grab your shoe phone

And oh, so much heart,

As we do this year’s play

Entitled Get Smart.


Enjoy these photos from our 2018 Spring Musical "The Pirates of Penzance"

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