Grades Kindergarten-5th

Grand View Christian School is pleased to partner with parents who desire a faith based biblical world view education for their child.  These are the years of development that begin to structure a foundation for future learning and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Grades kindergarten through 5th Grade curriculum focuses on the fundamental learning essentials in the core academic disciplines.  The curriculum is designed with predominately faith based curriculum resources.  Biblical integration is included in all instruction.  The elementary curriculum includes:

  • Bible and Weekly Chapel
  • Reading (Phonetic)
  • Language Arts: Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Speaking, Listening
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Health
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Technology: Keyboarding, Coding,  K-1st grade have technology centers, 2nd-5th grade have 1:1 laptops
  • Library
  • Beginning Band and Elementary Band

All teachers are licensed by the Iowa Department of Education and are skilled in Biblical integration.  Kindergarten through 5th grade is an accredited nonpublic private elementary school program through the Iowa Department of Education.

Literacy assessments are conducted 3 times a year to monitor reading skills and comprehension.  Iowa Assessments are administered for annual grade level achievement.  Parent Conferences are available bi-annually and as needed.  Special Services are available to GVCS through Heartland AEA for screenings in speech, hearing, or other areas of development.

All elementary classes have enrichment activities that include field trips, visiting class speakers, Christian service projects, seasonal celebrations, and fine arts performances.

An After Care Program is available on school days until 5:30 for students in preschool-5th grade.

“Developing Life Long Learners and Growing in Jesus”

Marci Behrens
Kindergarten Teacher


Marci Behrens

Your position:

Kindergarten Teacher

Testimony of salvation:

I was raised in a Christian home and realized that Jesus died for me in 4th grade, but it was really in 7th grade that I gave my life to the Lord and began to grow.


Altoona Baptist Church


BS- Elementary Education, Grace College- Indiana


I met my husband, Jerry, at the church while he was attending Faith Baptist Bible College.  We married in 1975 and soon had three kids who have now gone all the way through Grandview and are on their own. I love this school for being a place where I can use the gifts the Lord gave me, but even more because of the great foundation and experiences it gave my children.

Things you enjoy doing when you’re not teaching:

A couple years ago we became grandparents to twins. We go as often as we can to see them, but it’s quite a road trip, so we don’t see them as often as we want. But I take lots of pictures and am very willing to show them to anyone.  

How long have you been in your job at Grand View? 

I started my ministry here as Marci Hermann in 1972, the first year the school opened at Grandview Park Baptist.

This is my 39th year teaching, because I took a few years to be a stay at home Mommy.

What brought you to GV or why did you decide to work here?

I heard about the school during my graduation week from Grace College in Winona Lake Indiana from Dr. Walton and Dr. Domokos, who were there to receive degrees from the seminary.  I applied and the Lord opened this door and soon Des Moines became my home. 

What is your favorite thing about your job? 

I have always taught Kindergarten because I love teaching kids to read.  The light of realization in their eyes when they understand and can picture what word the blended letters are making is so rewarding. When they realize they can print a group of sounds and others can read it and know what they are thinking is so exciting for both them and me.  I love children’s books and reading to them daily is my favorite part of the day, but nothing can beat sharing Christ’s love for each of them and helping them realize their need of His forgiveness. Over the years many kids have come to that decision because of the time we spend daily building precept upon precept. 

I love creating an exciting and varied atmosphere in the room to make this a fun place to come learn. Over the years I have had many student teachers in my classroom; my main goal is to hook them on the love of teaching.  Even though my daughter did her student teaching out east she got a taste of teaching while helping me after school all her growing up years and now she is also a Kindergarten teacher; that makes me a proud momma.

Guilty pleasure?

Outside school I enjoy scrapbooking, gardening and redecorating my home. My husband and I do woodworking and have made many small pieces of furniture for our home.



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