High School

High School, Grades 9 – 12

Grand View Christian High School offers students the opportunity to acquire a Christ-centered education with a Biblical world view integrated in every aspect of the high school experience.  Students grow spiritually, academically and physically and are encouraged to be engaged in life enriching activities including ministry, music, drama, and sports.

Grand View Christian is one of nine College Prep status high schools in the state of Iowa.  The College Prep status allows the High School to be recognized as an accredited nonpublic private school by the Iowa Department of Education.

The High School offerings include:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Social Studies, and Bible

Electives include:

  • Foreign languages
  • Fine arts
  • Technology
  • Multiple honors classes and advanced placement classes

In addition to these, there is also the opportunity to take college credit classes.  A complete listing of classes may be located in the Secondary Student Handbook.

Student assessments include Iowa Assessments, Stanford Achievement, PSAT, ASPIRE, and ASVB.  Seminar classes are available for preparation for the ACT and the SAT. 

“Molding Life Long Learners and Followers of Jesus Christ”

Jon Kramer
High School Teacher


Jon Kramer

Your position:

High school Teacher

Testimony of salvation:

I grew up in a Christian home where the Gospel of Jesus was not an unfamiliar message. I first gave my life to Christ at a young age but it wasn’t until college when my faith became real for me and not just something I believed because my parents did. God used a basketball injury to get my attention and remove some of the idols in my life and surrender completely to Him.


Grace Church


BS- Chemistry, Northwestern 

Additional Training/Endorsements: 

5-12 General Science Endorsement

5-12 Athletic Coach Endorsement


My wife's name is Becca. We have 3 children: Titus - 4yrs, Isabella – 3yrs, and Lucy, who is not yet 1. 

Things you enjoy doing when you’re not teaching:

Ultimate Frisbee, Family, Board/Card Games

How long have you been teaching/in your job?

6th year teaching, all have been at GPBS/GVCS


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Teacher Profiles
Donna Budd
High School Teacher
Stephanie Caples
EL/MS/HS Teacher, Art
Correne Chodakowski
Associate/Resource, Tutor
Michael Cowell
High School Teacher, AD
Butch Fisher
High School Teacher
Sue Fisher
High School Teacher
Daryl Heino
High School Teacher
Jon Kramer
High School Teacher
Mark Lang
EL/MS/HS Teacher, Physical Education
Patrick Merrifield
High School Teacher
Lucas Nikkel
High School Teacher
Jonathan Nilius
EL/MS/HS Music, Vocal
Grace Peterson
EL/MS/HS Music, Instrumental
Becky Safford
High School Teacher
John Safford
High School Teacher
Rob Seyler
High School Teacher, High School Coordinator
Jim Taylor
High School Teacher/ Technology Coordinator/Testing Coordinator