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Sue Fisher
Sue Fisher
High School
Groups: Teacher,High School,Fine Arts


Sue Fisher

Your position:

High School Teacher

Testimony of salvation:

I was saved when I was 18 years old.  I had grown up in a home where we went to church and we were very moral, but I didn’t truly accept Christ’s sacrifice for me on the cross until the opening evangelistic service at Bob Jones University my freshman year.  It was then when I really understood that Jesus took my sins and died on the cross for me, that He rose again and that He has a place in heaven prepared for me; amazing love and amazing grace!


My husband and I are members of Community Baptist Church in Ankeny.

Areas where you serve in your church:

We are active in the music ministry.   I also head up the music for Awanas and am trying to start a children’s choir ministry.


BS- Secondary Music Education, Bob Jones University

Additional Training:

I have taken the Civic Center Director's workshop for two summers.


My husband Butch and I met at Bob Jones University. We had mutual friends getting married, and that seemed to start the flicker that led to some dating and ultimately tying the knot.  We have three sons who all went to Grandview Park and now two wonderful daughter-in-laws and six grandchildren - 5 boys and 1 lonely girl; she really fits right in with the boys. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not teaching?

It is my greatest joy to get to play with them and read to them (the grandchildren, that is) and just spend time with family.  I also enjoy playing piano, playing with the grand kids, gardening (not so much the weeding), playing with the grand kids, playing tennis, playing with the grand kids, reading, playing with the grand kids – you get the idea. 

How long have you been in your job at Grand View?

My husband and I have been at Grandview and Grand View for 33 years.  

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Play time, although stressful, is the most exciting time at school for me – to see where students start and where they finally end in a production never ceases to give me great pleasure. One other thing that is truly fulfilling is to see former students living for God and doing tremendous things in ministry and in their lives.  There is nothing better than having students stop in and talk to you and just sharing what is happening in their lives.  It is great!  And the talk always leads back to reminiscing about crazy things that happened when they were in school.  Good times.