School Prayer Time (SPT)

Every Wednesday morning at 7:30am in the University Room, students, staff, teachers, and family members gather together to pray for our school.

Each week we focus specifically on a different area of our school. This prayer time is open to all and we would LOVE for you to join us in lifting our school up in prayer. 




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Prayer Requests for this week:

This week our school prayer time (SPT) was focused on our school musical.


The musical is "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and will be performed at First Federated Church this weekend. This is a large scale production and has many moving parts. 


If you were unable to make it but would like to pray with us, here are a some things you could pray with us about:


1. That the entire production (practices, performances, photos, conversations, etc.) would give God honor and glory. 

2. For physical health of the cast/crew (and healing for the many who are currently sick)

3. Leadership: Clear minds, healthy bodies, joyful spirits- Sue Fisher, Jonathan Nilius, Nita Fincham

4. That the performances (lines, acting, choreography) and technical aspects (lighting, sound, props, etc,) would be done in an excellent way

5. Servant mindedness and unified spirit among cast and crew

6. That our students would bring mirth to the lives of those who watch, especially those who may be downhearted or weary. 



Other Request this week: 

1. Praise the Lord for an amazing Gala this past weekend!
2. Future facility for GVCS and wisdom for the leadership team
3. SLT as they plan the middle school retreat (May 12)
4. Graduation (May 19) and future decisions of seniors
5.  Yearend strength and focus for students and staff



"That in everything Christ might be preeminent"

Colossians 1:18