High School Student Ministry Opportunities

At Grand View, we desire for our students to be great.


We want students to excel in academics, to demonstrate mastery in music, to be exceptional in athletics, to garner applause in the arts, to showcase innovation in ideas, and to exhibit creativity in projects.


Created imago dei, we believe it gives God great glory and fame when his children pursue knowledge, produce creativity, and perfect abilities. We also believe the gospel is better articulated and more broadly disseminated when our graduates possess expertise and aptitude in areas like language, technology, speech, philosophy, writing, and other fields. Pursuing excellence is an important part of the Grand View education.


However, a key piece in the development of highly intelligent and proficient Christian students is helping them develop an attitude of humility. Possessing great knowledge or abilities must be leveraged for the good of others not the greatness of self. As a result, we desire to infuse learning with lowliness—a spirit of self-deferring concern that promotes the physical and spiritual welfare of others.


As Christ demonstrated through his condescending incarnation, we too want to be a school that prioritizes humility in heart. To think less of ourselves. To care about the needs of others. To advance God’s kingdom, not our own.


To help our students integrate a mindset of serving, the high school has developed an extracurricular opportunity called CSOC (Clandestine Servants Of Christ). This group of students meets weekly to be reminded to pursue the Christlike attitude and actions of humility, and to create organized ways for students to be involved in serving others.


Students quietly engage in acts of service for faculty members (janitorial work), acts of compassion for strangers (making pancakes at area public schools), acts of witness (singing door to door in the neighborhood), acts of encouragement (writing words of life to struggling students), and other activities that look out for the interests and needs of others.