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We are excited to continue offering childcare to the services available to the Grand View Christian School community. In addition to our expanded preschool programming, childcare services is also offered so students three years old and above can be cared for 5 days a week, from 7:00am to 5:30pm on regular school days.

Families with children ages 3 and up will be able to attend preschool and take advantage of all day childcare services, if they choose. 

Before and After School Care are also available for your convenience. Before school care will start at 7:00am. After school care will be available until 5:30pm. 

Please call the elementary school office with any questions at 515-777-3977.

Childcare FAQ

No. The $65 rate includes weekly before AND after school care including early dismissals.  If you are only seeking After Care services the rate will be $45 a week.  Similarly, if you are only needing before school care, it will be $25 a week.

A prepackaged snack will be provided to students attending both the before school care program and after school care program. The cost is included in your rate. 

If your child is not regularly scheduled for before or after school care or all day childcare each week, the following drop in rates will apply: 

  • $5 a day for before school drop in.  (pre-k through 5th grade)
  • $10 a day for after care drop in (pre-k through 5th grade)
  • $25 a day for early dismissal drop in (pre-k through 5th grade)
  • $45 a day for full day drop in care (preschool childcare only) * also available to K-5th grade on in service/ no school days

*** Each child must have all childcare forms on file to participate in any childcare services at GVCS. Even if you do not plan on utilizing our childcare services, we recommend completing the forms for each child to allow drop ins if necessary. The forms can be found in your online registration forms.

A 3 day week will be a lower cost- only $45 for before and after care.

Any early dismissal after care will be $25.

Each child must have a childcare form on file to participate in any childcare services at GVCS. Even if you do not plan on utilizing our childcare services, we recommend completing the form for each child to allow drop ins if necessary. The form can be found HERE or in your online registration forms. 

Please call or email the office if your child is not a regular guest in our childcare program and will need drop in services. If you will need last minute before school care, drop ins are welcome without calling first, as long as we have your child’s form on file. 

School doors open at 7:30am. Any child dropped off at the school before 7:30am will be charged the before school care rate. There is no supervision other than the before school program available prior to 7:30am. 

Lunch will be provided on Tuesdays and Thursday when school is in session. On no school days, families will be asked to send a cold lunch with their child. 

Not at this time. Our childcare program is operated in tandem with our preschool and elementary program.

No. Our childcare services are only available to GVCS students in preschool-5th grade. 

We do not currently offer childcare through the summer. 

We want to keep our students happy and healthy! Our wonderful school nurse has laid out our school health policy here. Please follow these guidelines as you look to send your child to school when they are not/have not been feeling well. 

** Of course, these may be subject to change due to Covid 19 recommendations/guidelines.

Generally speaking, childcare will be available. In certain inclement weather/emergency situations, GVCS reserves the right to cancel/postpone childcare to ensure the safety of our staff and families. 

Meet Our Early Education Team

  • Profile Photo

    Mrs. Andrea Dyer

    Preschool 3 Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Miss Destiny Lacey

    Preschool 4 Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Mrs. Amy Sternquist

    Kindergarten Transition Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Mrs. Shannon Pelham

    Childcare Teacher
  • Profile Photo

    Mrs. Joy Owens

    Preschool Associate
  • Profile Photo

    Mrs. Amie Thompson

    Preschool Associate & Before School Care
  • Profile Photo

    Mrs. Christi Sweet

    Preschool Associate
  • Profile Photo

    Mrs. Alyssa Leonard

    Preschool Associate