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Middle School: Grades 6-8 

“Discovering Self and Defining Self in Jesus”


The middle school years in the life of a student are a unique path of growth and development.  GVCS desires to partner with parents who desire a Christ-centered education for their kids. These are important years of discovery of academic potential and developing spiritual discernment for social, emotional and cultural choices.

The 6,7,8 grade curriculum solidifies the foundation of the essential skills and concepts in the core academic disciplines.  There is an increased emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication throughout all curriculums.  The integration of the Biblical World View is a priority as student work moves deeper into investigation, research, and problem solving. 

The middle school curriculum includes:

  • Bible and Bi-Weekly Chapels

  • Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

  • Mathematics, Algebra I

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Health

  • Spanish

  • Music

  • Band

  • Choir

  • Art

  • Physical Education

  • Technology Infusion in all Academics

  • Careers

All teachers are licensed by the Iowa Department of Education and are skilled in Biblical integration.  The middle school program is recognized as an accredited nonpublic private school program by the Iowa Department of Education. Iowa Assessments are administered for annual grade level achievement.  Parent Conferences are available bi-annually and as needed, and intervention conferences are scheduled upon request.

Extra-curricular activities include field trips, fine arts performances, student government, athletics, Christian service projects, Middle School Banquet, Middle School Blast.