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2020-2021 Financial Aid Information is available. Please email or call the school office for information and STO application. 

A Simple Way to Cut Tuition Costs
Save $$ on Tuition While You Shop
  • Exciting Scrip Update

    A message from our Scrip Coordinators:

    "GVCS Administration has approved for us to implement a 90/10 rebate split starting September 1st!  This means even more savings that can be applied to your tuition statement or registration!   All rebates earned prior to 9/1 will still be subject to the 80/20.  When you request payout next, you may receive 2 reports to calculate your credit - one from your last payout through 8/31/2020 showing the 80/20 split and one from 9/1/2020 to the new payout date showing the 90/10 split."

  • Save Money by Paying Tuition Early


    -- 2% discount for non-scholarship recipient students when full year is paid prior to August 1st. 

    -- 1% discount for non-scholarship recipient students if one semester in paid in full prior to August 1st and January 1st.