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Elementary music opportunities:


Elementary students at GVCS have a general music class for two 30-minute periods a week.  During those times, the students are involved in learning music reading concepts, singing and hand sign solfege, playing rhythm instruments and Orff instruments (glockenspiel, metallophone, and xylophone).  A culminating event for elementary students is performing in the Christmas program.  In addition, 4th graders learn to play the autoharp and recorder.  4th and 5th graders join together in the spring to form an elementary choir for performance at an end of-year concert.

Middle school band opportunities:


Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 may begin or continue to play band instruments.  The middle school band performs both in December and May.  7th and 8th graders may be a part of the pep band which performs at home football and basketball games. 

All middle school band members learn a solo or ensemble part to perform at a Solo – Ensemble contest sponsored by the South Central Iowa Bandmasters Association.  Each performer earns a rating and medal for performing.

Several honor band opportunities are available for band students who have developed their expertise.  In the past we have participated in the SCIBA MS/JH Honor Band, the Orpheus Honor Band (Simpson College), the Bluegrass Conference Band and the Grand View University MS Honor Band.  8th graders may audition for the SCIBA MS/JH Honor Band.  Several have been accepted and 2 students have also made the All-Iowa 8th Grade Honor Band.

Other specific grade level opportunities: 

6th Grade:
  • Explore basic music knowledge 

  • Play xylophones

  • Create a presentation of a folk song, hymn, or patriotic song

  • Learn about and watch a musical

7th Grade:
  • Complete a music history unit

  • Learn basic guitar chords and strumming patterns

8th Grade:
  • Write and discuss philosophy of music

  • Explore basic music theory

  • Play guitars, building off of their 7th grade guitar unit










High school band opportunities:


Students in high school can continue to play their instruments as part of the concert band.  This band performs in the Christmas concert and the May concert.  In addition, we have shared our music with clients at the East Side Senior Center and at graduation. 

Individuals and small groups have participated effectively at the Iowa High School Music Association State Solo and Ensemble Contest, bringing back Best in Center, Div. I and Div. 2 ratings.  The Concert band has participated in IHSMA Large Group Contest and received Div. I and Div. 2 ratings.

Individual high school students may audition for All State Band.  In the past 15 years, 2 students have made All State, and one was 1st alternate.

High school band members serve their school by participating in pep band at home football and basketball games.  They can also join honor bands such as the SCIBA HS Honor band (accepted by audition), Drake University Honor Band, Simpson College Honor Band, Iowa State Honor Band, and Bluegrass Conference Band.  When the school fine arts department puts on a musical, selected high school musicians join the pit orchestra.