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Elementary Art meets once a week throughout the school year for grades 1-5. Projects present the students to the wonderful world of art. They offer variety in both skills and mediums while introducing famous artists and encouraging a love of creating.

Middle School Art is taken for one quarter of the year. This course progresses each year and is designed to introduce students to a variety of art mediums including pastels, ink prints, watercolor, colored pencils, collage, markers, acrylic paints, and clay when possible. Projects include those that teach proportion, perspective, art history, as well as drawing and design principles. The students gain a foundation for understanding the elements and principles of art.

High School Art courses are a continuation of elementary and middle school art ideas. All courses cover a variety of mediums, art history, and projects to practice and improve skills.

High School Art 1 includes exercises and projects based on the fundamental elements of art and principles of design. Projects raise skill levels in a variety of mediums, including paint, marker, pencil, scratchboard, pastel, and collage.

High School Art 2 is designed to raise the students’ creativity levels and put to practice the elements, principles, and basic art skills of previous art courses. This course emphasizes work done in pastels and paints.

High School Art 3 emphasizes working in three dimensions. Challenging projects will foster problem-solving skills and creative thinking abilities. Often, wire, tape, found objects, and clay will be used.

High School Art 4 is a more in-depth study of design concepts. The projects are chosen for building skills and developing creative ideas. Many printmaking projects are included in this course, as well as projects that accentuate design.

High School Independent Art is available for students who have successfully completed all of the offered high school art courses and wish to continue improving their skill set. These students must be teacher approved and must have the ability to work independently and meet deadlines. This course is offered during the regularly scheduled High School Art hours.

Photography 1 is offered to high school students in the first semester. A digital camera that enables the user to change settings and use manual mode is required. The course is designed to introduce the student to the art of photography. Students learn how to control the camera to achieve visual images that need no post-processing manipulation. The history of photography and famous photographers and their works are also shared in this course.

Photography 2 is a continuation of Photography 1 and is offered in the second semester. It allows more time to put into practice the skills and ideas learned in Photography 1.