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GVCS Alumni are former students of Grandview Park Baptist School and Grand View Christian School graduates.  If you are alumni of Grandview Park Baptist School, you are considered part of the GVCS alumni.
Grandview Park Baptist School closed after the 2013-2014 academic year and GVCS was given all Grandview Park Baptist School's student records, including student transcripts and other records in accordance with Iowa law.  As former students of Grandview Park Baptist School, we are pleased to provide you with any records you may need. Grand View Christian School now boasts more than 1,250 alumni.  

Please take the opportunity to become personally involved and stay connected with GVCS and fellow alumni.


Ways to connect with Grand View Christian School:
Check the school website on a regular basis
Follow us on Twitter : @gvcsa
Follow us on Instagram:  Grand View Christian School

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