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GVCS ShopWithScrip is an online program powered by Great Lakes Scrip Center. This program is available to all families as a GREAT opportunity to earn credit towards their tuition account.
Orders and payments are completed on using a PrestoPay account.
At GVCS, Scrip is used to earn credits towards student tuition, essentially providing a way to “fundraise” for your own student’s tuition. When you shop & earn rebate credits, 80% of each credit earned will be applied to your student’s tuition balance. The other 20% of the credit will cover GVCS Scrip’s administrative costs, which are necessary to operate the Scrip program at our school.
***If preferred, credits earned could also be given to GVCS as a donation. 

3 Types of Scrip Cards Offered

Physical Gift Cards
Orders are placed online through your ShopWithScrip account. Once placed, the order will be sent to the GVCS coordinator’s queue. The coordinator will submit all the orders to Great Lakes Scrip Center according to the deadlines noted on the ordering schedule.
Great Lakes processes and mails the gift cards for the national retailers to GVCS and GVCS Scrip volunteers order and pick up the gift cards for the local retailers. Scrip volunteers will process and sort the orders and notify participants when orders are available for pick up in the school office.  Orders are due on Fridays by 1pm and are generally available for pick up the following Wednesday around dismissal.
Reload orders are placed online through your ShopWithScrip account.  To be eligible for reload, the original gift card must be purchased through the Scrip Program.  Simply keep your original card once it is empty and the next time you need to use it, log into your ShopWithScrip account, register the card and reload the balance!  Reloads are processed immediately and the funds are usually added to the card within 5 minutes!
ScripNow eCard
ScripNow eCards are electronic gift cards that can be purchased through either your ShopWithScrip account or through (more information below).  Order the eCard while you are at the store, wait approximately 2 minutes for it to process and have the cashier scan your gift card at the checkout! You can also order it before you leave the house and print the eCard to hand to the cashier at time of payment.  eCards work just like physical gift cards. is a scrip website. You will use the same login credentials as your ShopWithScrip account.  Although there is no app for MyScripWallet, it is easy to add the webpage to your phone’s home screen for easy access.
- Log into through a safari web browser on your phone.  Other web browsers might work but google does not.
- When you go to the website, at the bottom of the screen it will say "install this web app to your phone home screen".  Tap (shows icon of square with arrow) to add to your home screen.  You should see that icon at the bottom of your screen, tap it and choose the option add to home screen.
- That should give you a dark blue icon on your phone screen that you can use.  If you type in your username and password and choose remember me, it will keep your username saved so you will only need to open the icon and type in your password to get into your account.
Reminder! All orders must be paid using presto pay. Not all retailers offer each gift card option so please refer to each retailer to determine what ordering options are available to you!


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