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GVCS Christmas Concert Bake Sales - WE NEED YOU!

Our PTF will be hosting a bake sale at each concert this Christmas season, as a way to raise funds for our amazing fine arts department. But we need your help! 
We are looking for: 
1. Homemade Christmas treats to sell at the bake sale during the Christmas concerts
2.Bottled water to sell at the concerts.  If you’re not a fan of baking, or if you don’t have time to, this is a great way to help out! 
3. YOU. We need volunteers to help run the bake sale on the evenings of the concerts. 
All proceeds from the bake sale will help support the Fine Arts program at GVCS.  THANK YOU for being willing to give of your time and resources to make the bake sale a success!  We really appreciate your help!
Can you serve in this way? Sign up HERE!

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