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A few things you can pray with us about this week: 

- Pray that GV never gets ahead of God- but walks behind him, even when it gets hard/easy. 

- Pray for students and parents as they navigate at home educational learning. 

- Pray for our teachers who are learning how to teach in new ways- instructing kids at home.

- Pray that our leadership team would walk with God and seek wisdom from God in making crucial decisions for our students and staff in this time of world crisis and change. 

- Pray for those students at GV who do not truly have a relationship with God

- Pray that international students would feel our love and be at home here. 

- Pray for Mrs. Langill (aftercare teacher) and her family as she awaits a heart transplant. 

- Pray that students going through hard times would look to Jesus for comfort. 

- Pray GV embraces an identity of loving by SERVING, whether it's here or wherever we go. 

- Pray God would continue to provide for the needs of the school. 

- Pray for our leaders to be saturated with humility and grace and continue seeking your will

- Pray for the class of 2020 as many of their events have been canceled and they are dealing with many altered plans right now. 

- Pray for families as they walk through this time in our world together-- that they would point each other to Christ and use this extra time as family to draw closer to God and be intentional with connection and growth. 

We want to pray for you and with you! If you have something you would like us to share with staff in our staff prayer time or with those attending SPT (School Prayer Time), please email us and we would be happy to pray for you. 


Every Wednesday morning at 7:30am at the elementary/middle school, students, staff, teachers, and family members gather together to pray for our school.
Each week we focus specifically on a different area of our school. This prayer time is open to all and we would LOVE for you to join us in lifting our school up in prayer. 

Pray With Us